Accessing US-only blocked content in Canada (video)

UPDATE(April 24, 2018): This content is very outdated, and I’ve been requested to link to some more relevant content provided here: I’ve reviewed the content and believe it to be accurate and valuable, but can’t speak to the specific service they recommend, or if there’s an affiliate relationship involved with that recommendation.

This is a video of a dry-run of my screencast for DemoCamp 17 on accessing US-only content that is blocked from Canada.

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  • Oddman

    Great presentation at DemoCamp.  Very helpful.  

  • Anonymous

    While this is an excellent hack, Dreamhost and/or any other webhost might not always be happy about streaming through their server. I’m with dreamhost and have quite a few sites with them, and wouldn’t want them locking up my sites over something like this :-)

  • Anonymous

    Hey @joeladria:disqus ,
    Few comments.   What Dreamhost allows or does not allow as usage of their services has always been somewhat unclear.  This will likely consume much less bandwidth than other uses of their services, so I find it likely that as a paying customer they will not mind this use terribly.  However, that being said, If you are using them to host mission critical services than I would likely be cautious about performing any actions that could disrupt those services (whether I think it’s a good idea to have mission critical services on Dreamhost is another discussion!)

    There are plenty of other alternative hosts through which this type of usage is clearly within the terms of use (Linode, RackSpace, EC2, etc.) and if you have one of those alternatives available they are probably a better option to use (note that EC2 might incur some decent costs depending on how much bandwidth you are using).


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  • Kory Mathewson

    Just wanted to say, I have been loving this hack. Thanks again.